Everything You Need to Know About Semi-Inground Pools

Semi Inground Pools

Are you planning to get your own swimming pool? When talking with a contractor, you’re usually given two options: Inground and above-ground swimming pools. But there is also a third option that gives you the best of both worlds – Semi-inground pools.

However, you might wonder what these are and if they are worth investing in compared to the two common types of pools. Read on as we talk about what you need to know about semi-inground pools!


What are Semi-Inground Pools?

Semi-InGround Pools

Semi-inground pools are exactly what they sound like. These are swimming pools partially installed above ground AND inground. Typically, most of the pool is still inground, but part of the pool would be raised by a few feet.

So, you’ll see that half the pool is buried inground while the other half is exposed. However, the designs vary as some would sink the pool only a few feet into the ground for the top half to have a raised look, while others can be half-built into the slope of hills. Usually, these pools would have a consistent depth throughout, about four feet deep.

How do they differ from inground and above-ground pools?

Some semi-inground pools would have a similar design to above-ground pools, though they will use thicker walls and won’t break down or relocate after installation. The reason behind the stronger walls is that they have to withstand the natural ground’s forces once buried. Above-ground pools won’t have this issue as they are standalone structures, with the water pressure providing wall strength.

Compared to inground pools, semi-inground pools aren’t installed as deep, which has its benefits! We will discuss them in the next section.


How Much are Semi-Inground Pools?

Semi-inground pools would cost around the same price as inground pools, with the addition of additional labor and materials to form walls around them. The crucial factor is the building materials and if you plan to upgrade the pool’s surrounding walls.

Remember, the walls of these pools aren’t just for aesthetics. As mentioned, they must support the pool and withstand water pressure, so they must be very sturdy. Because of that, they would come at a slightly high price.

The pool walls can cost as much as retaining walls, ranging from $7,000 to $20,000, depending on the pool size, shape, and materials. Here’s a base estimate of how much a swimming pool would cost without the wall price:

  • Vinyl liner pools are between $25,000-$60,000
  • Fiberglass pools are about $40,000-$85,000
  • Concrete pools are around $50,000-$100,000

Semi-Inground Pool Problems

Fortunately, semi-inground pools aren’t any more problematic compared to inground pools. However, more elements require regular maintenance, such as the walls and any structures or water features built around them. You can use the best solar cover for the inground pool for added protection, but that alone won’t be enough for the semi-inground pool, which requires you to look after the walls even more.

Also, while this isn’t a significant problem, it’s a slight inconvenience for some. Semi-inground pools have a higher water temperature! Inground pools would be cooler since they are surrounded by earth completely. While this may not be a considerable disadvantage, some people who live in areas with scorching hot summers may have some complaints.

Finally, another slight inconvenience in semi-inground pools is how you have limited choices in your designs. While there are model options you can choose from; they are still limited compared to in-ground and above-ground pools. They come in traditional shapes like rectangles, ovals, and circles, but if you want a freeform look, you might not be able to achieve it.

You can also reap the many benefits semi-inground pools offer, which we state below.


Benefits of Semi-Inground Pools

Here are some reasons why semi-inground pools are popular among many homeowners.


They Last Longer

Semi-inground pools have a reasonably long lifespan as long as you can care for them well with regular maintenance and using electric pool covers or those with a solar cover reel for protection. Most middle-priced models can last between 10 and 20 years, while higher-end models can last from 30 to 40 years. Semi-inground pools are a great choice if you want to raise the value of your home with a pool as they last for decades.


Easier Installation

Unlike in-ground swimming pools, semi-inground swimming pools aren’t as labor-intensive during the installation process.

Contractors would still need to excavate the area to sink the bottom half of the pool or to build it into a hill. However, there’s still less work involved. With less digging comes fewer chances of hitting things like tree roots or needing to reroute utility lines in the way of the pool’s supposed location.


Leave Less Mess Behind

With rebars, concrete, and a lot of plumbing involved, inground pools would create a huge mess during the installation process. Semi-inground pools won’t have much of that issue since, depending on the materials and model, the walls are mainly made of aluminum and are rustproof, with the plumbing easier to manage. However, you can opt for other higher-end wall designs to add stone or concrete to the exteriors, with some using glass panels.

Moreover, semi-inground pools have raised lips, helping block any bugs and debris into the pool. That results in less cleaning for you and fewer fluctuations in the pool water’s chemistry. If you were to opt for inground pools, they require more protection from solar covers for inground pools and more cleaning of water.


Wrapping It Up

Semi-inground pools have their critical differences between in-ground and above-ground pools, but they are worth the long-term investment. You can enjoy a great-looking pool that lasts for decades to come through proper cleaning, maintenance, and protection with covers with a solar cover reel or other similar products.

semi-inground pools

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