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Automatic Pool Enclosures

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Automatic Pool Enclosures

Enjoy swimming year-round while witnessing the breathtaking beauty of your landscape with our automatic pool enclosures. We provide low, medium and high pool enclosures that are an ideal match for residential and commercial facilities.

Gusty winds with heavy rain or snow can ruin your plan to swim or spend quality time with family or friends at the poolside. Instead of feeling bad, consider installing our superior quality, modern pool enclosures with semi & fully-retractable features for your patios and restaurants.

They are sleek, ingeniously-designed and durable to function for years against the unexpected US climate and pesky interference of bugs, birds and other flying creatures.

Renovate your property with the classic touch of strong and stylish pool enclosures that are second to none in the US market and beyond.

Automatic Retractable Pool Enclosures
Automatic Retractable Pool Enclosure Open USA

Our retractable pool enclosures are a strong defense against unpredictable weather, dry leaves/rubbish, and other flying creatures. Equipped with a patented drive system and simple switch, you can govern the movement of the pool enclosure, partially or fully. The operation is smooth, seamless and noise-less. So, you can sit and relax as the pool enclosures cover/uncover over your swimming pool or patio.

Patio Enclosures
Fixed Pool Enclosure USA

Our patio enclosures are arguably one of the efficient solutions to protect your patios or restaurant. While the design and manufacturing are similar to our retractable pool enclosures, patio enclosures possesses immense structural strength and equally magnificent appearance. Having no movable part enables it to function as a permanent solution to enclose your patios without sacrificing the decor.


About Our Enclosures

Weather-Proof And Durable

Our enclosures have been designed and engineered for environments around swimming pools. CIP enclosures are made with stainless steel hardware and weather seals to create a structure that can withstand high humidity of indoor pools. CIP pool enclosures are not like standard indoor pool buildings; they will not rust or corrode, rot or go mouldy. The glazing, paint finish and aluminium framing are guaranteed for 10 and 20 years respectively.

Sleek Appearance

CIP pool enclosures are lightweight and made from aluminum extrusions with polycarbonate roof panels and clear acrylic wall panels. Unlike other pool buildings or pool enclosures, CIP enclosures requires no need of doubling up on vertical supports or cross bracing that will alter the structure’s impressive sleek appearance. This allows for unobstructed and clear views when closed or open. CIP continues to utilize our expertise in engineering to ensure unsurpassed structural integrity and architectural appeal.

Product Warranty

Our pool enclosures function for a long time, stretching to a decade or even more. Typically, the assembled parts such as the framing system have a manufacturer warranty of 10 years or more. We use superior quality synthetic weather seals and stainless steel hardware to build pool enclosures that can remain impermeable against harsh weather conditions. Do not fear unsightly stains, mold or corrosion as general care & maintenance keeps your pool enclosures functional and look all-new!

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Graceful Addition

Our pool enclosures are an elegant addition to notch up the decor of your outdoor spaces. Whether it’s your garden, patio or swimming pool, having our modern pool enclosures creates a surreal and sublime ambiance for people to sit and relax with family and friends. The magnificent structure is composed of an aluminum frame, acrylic wall panels, and polycarbonate roof panels. Enjoy the scenic beauty surrounding your home, restaurant or resort as our pool enclosures enhance your comfort, convenience and class.


We are the center of innovation and excellence in designing pool enclosures that have set high benchmarks in the US market. Be it the selection of materials or latest technologies, we choose nothing less than the best to add value to your investment. Our pool enclosures are opened and closed at the slight push and release of a switch. Plan a quiet poolside dinner with family and friends or a dance party that runs till the wee hours of the day; you’re protected from uncertain weather and other bugging creatures around.

Tall Pool Enclosure USA
  • Keeps Pool Water Clean & Hygienic
  • Shields Against Wasps, Bugs & Other Flying Objects
  • Strong Protection Against Uncontrollable Weather Change - winds, rain or snow.
  • Year-Round Swimming
  • Extended Space For Outdoor Parties & Events
  • No Manual Supervision Is Needed
  • Less Chemical Cleaning Needed
  • Safe & Secure To Use In All Seasons
  • Maintains Pool Water Temperature
  • Maintains Pool Water Temperature
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