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Retractable Roofs

Having a patio, rooftop or open garden with incredible imagery around can be instrumental to the success of your hospitality business. But the weather can be a major turn off and spoil the fun for your customers.

We provide retractable roofs that can solve many such problems while improving the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces. Our innovative retractable roofs cover and uncover a patio or pool using a simple switch.

Host a family dinner, party or any corporate event as our retractable roofs cover your property against unexpected weather in the US. They are intricately designed and engineered to offer scalable solutions to homes, open restaurants, resorts, and other commercial spaces.

Feel free to browse our modern and traditional designs for retractable roofs that are custom made to match your luxurious lifestyle.


About Retractable Roofs

Water Resistance

Our retractable roofs are made from superior quality materials (Polycarbonate sheets) and industry-leading technologies that offer exceptional resistance against water and snow alike. In fact, they can easily withstand snow loads of up to several feet. Enjoy complete peace of mind as our automatic roofs provide impermeable protection to your pools and patios in homes and restaurants settings.


Our retractable roofs have a solid structure that provides complete protection against strong and persistent winds, rain and even snowfall. Though the design looks elegant, the structural frame has immense strength to sustain rough weather for years without any damage.

Surreal Envirnoment

Our retractable roofs provide added protection to your outdoor spaces while notching up the overall appearance. The roofs look magnificent inside out and offer a surreal experience to people sitting in the comfort of indoors. Our retractable roofing systems allow you to have control of the inside weather for your your patio or swimming pool. From completely open to partially covered. CIP roofs are effective and efficient while adding to your lifestyle a touch of class.

Ease of Operation

The thought of a movable roof can be unnerving for many who are unaware of the latest advancements in the field of design and engineering structures. We offer fashion-forward, modern roofs that are built using state-of-the-art infrastructure to integrate safety features without sacrificing style. Typically, the roofs are constructed in multiple sliding sections that can either move from the center to the side or side to side.

Retractable Roofs BENEFITS
  • Versatile
  • Simple Operation & Maintenance
  • No Manual Operation
  • Indomitable Against Unpredictable Weather
  • High ROI For Restaurants, Cafes & Resorts
Added Advantages
  • Provides Incredible Scenic Views
  • Prohibits Unsolicited Entry of Birds & Other Flying Creatures
  • Maintains Indoor Temperature
  • Adds Extra Space For Parties & Business Events
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