Guide to Solar-powered Pool Covers

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Swimming pools are always an eye-catcher for a place. Be it a hotel, restaurant, amusement park, or home; visitors always notice a swimming pool on the premises. Hence, it becomes crucial to look after its cleanliness and hygiene. There was a time when people used to cover their pools to keep the water balanced and clean. However, it did not appear to be very efficient as it was completely manual. In today’s time, automatic pool covers are thriving in the market and ruling the hearts of pool owners. Let’s move further and know why your pool needs a smart cover.

Introducing Solar Powered Blankets Or Covers for Your Pool

Solar-powered pool covers are popularly known as solar blankets. It is a great way of covering your pool without manual labour or excessive electricity bill. These solar covers are a sustainable way of keeping your pool safe, warm, and comfortable. There is a wide range of solar pool covers present in the market, and each type has its benefit. For instance, clear covers bring in the most sunlight, whereas opaque and dark ones are useful in retaining heat. The pool covers powered by solar energy do not differ from the electric pool covers. They have the same functions. However, today’s modern age calls for modern and sustainable solutions.

Which is the Right Cover for You?

It depends on external factors like the climate at your place, the type of pool, and the major reason behind your decision to buy covers. You can look over the options available and pick the most suitable according to your choices and preferences. If you are still confused with the large variety of options, you can simply consult your pool builder or nearby pool retailer. It is not rocket science to buy an automatic pool cover, and things become way too simpler when you have installed it. For instance, if you have an indoor pool, all you have to do is push the button to turn the covers on and off. While to get the pool cover reel above ground, you have to float the cover simply on the pool’s top and then secure it via hook or clips that are specially designed. It is suggested that you check in with the set of instructions that come with the covers.

Why Your Pool Needs a Cover?

Apart from keeping the water clean and healthy, pool covers are very important for the safety of kids and pets on the premises. Here are a few reasons why your pool needs automatic pool enclosures-

  • Hassle-free cleanliness-Dirty pool creates a negative impact on the visitors, and no one likes to clean the pool on a happy week off. Hence, you can simply get rid of all the debris and dirt with the help of an automatic cover.
  • Water conservation– Solar-powered covers are very sustainable, and they save electricity as well as water. An open pool loses water due to evaporation. On the other hand, a pool enclosure saves it from evaporating.
  • Cost-efficient-Enclosed pool stores warmth of the heater, so you don’t have to reheat the water again and again during winters. This way, it saves you electricity bill, and it gets even better if the covers run on solar power.
  • Safety ensured-When you have a pool, you always have a company, but great popularity comes with great responsibility. You have to make sure that children or pets are not running beside the pool. However, with automatic covers, you can relax a little bit, yet you have to make sure that adult supervision is always there.

Along with these benefits, it is quite obvious that having a retractable pool cover over your pool is very convenient. You don’t have to ask for help from a friend; automatic covers are rewarding due to their ease of usage.

Pool Means Peace of Mind

When you have an automatic cover to make sure that your pool looks beautiful and clean, it gives you peace of mind while having company and being alone. Spending a few bucks for maintenance and repairing is always better than getting a new pool or big renovation. These covers are convenient as well as sustainable, and it also provides safety. Hence, having it installed in your pool area is a win-win situation for everyone. Remember, if you invest in a good quality pool cover, you are saving money on electricity bills and maintenance.

Increase the life span of your beloved pool and restore the party mood in your pool area with automatic pool covers. It is user-friendly, affordable and could be done by a single person without any excessive effort. You can get in touch with a reliable service provider who can guide and help you choose the best automatic pool covers based on your budget and needs.