Your Guide to Temperature Controlled Pools

Swimming Pool

Availability of a warm pools for swimming is always a wonderful feeling. Owners having their pool covers in the cooler states are unlikely to enjoy the warm swimming experience, but they can install a temperature control in the pool. However, this might lead to facing the cost of heating the pool. Many users use a heat pump pool heater (HPPH) in their pool enclosure which is considered one of the highly effective systems, but the cost of installing and its maintenance is very high. So, most people ask for ways to control the pool’s temperature which might be a bit affordable. Here we provide you with a guide to control the pool temperature and save energy with a high money-saving process. It will help you make the best choice.

Every pool is different according to its environment and enclosure. So, having a retractable roof for every pool is not a universal tip to follow. Most people have a variety of indoor-outdoor pools. A passive solar retractable pool cover is always a better option to maintain the heat flow.

Perfect Pool Temperature and Its Importance:-

Generally, the most common residential pool temperature which is used for leisure always remains between 26°C to 28°C (78°F-82°F). But before opting for a pool heater to regulate temperature, one must know that some temperatures can be very dangerous for people and can also make your pool contaminated. Not having a proper and comfortable pool temperature may result in illness or some disease. On the other hand, some pool temperatures are more effective for many athletic activities.

Controlled Pool Temperature Benefits:-

  • If the pool is too cold or too warm, it may put the swimmers in trouble and might be detrimental to their health. When there are seniors in the pool, they must prefer the temperature between 86-88°F, i.e., 30°C-31°C. However, someone diagnosed with arthritis may prefer a higher temperature to get some more comfort.


  • Most of the swimming academies recommend swimming lessons for kids at a temperature of at least 84°F,i.e., 29°C which is more suitable for kids of age 4years and above. This temperature keeps their body comfortable and keeps their muscles warm and loose, and prevents difficulty in breathing, which may arise if the water is too cold for them.


  • Keeping your pool at a controlled temperature and regularly mixing chlorine or other sanitisers may keep your pool away from the algae and the bacteria, which might bloom in the pool and become a big problem for you.


  • Maintaining a proper temperature also keeps the swimmers comfortable in the pool. Try to set your pool’s temperature between 78°F-82°F to keep the majority of the swimmers comfortable.

Effective Ways to Control Your Pool Temperature:-

Just knowing the perfect pool temperature is like half task done. The person must know how to keep it steady and constant. So, to get an accurate temperature reading, we recommend you use a digital pool thermometer.

Use an efficient pool heater:- 

  • Gas pool heater:-Agas pool heater can be consider the best economical option for the individual if he has natural gas available.
  • Heat pumps :If the gas availability is not as frequent, the person must opt for a heat pump.
  • Solar pool heater:-Sun can also be one of the sources for heating your pool. But use it in a focused and efficient way through a solar pool heater. If you have some space available on your roof, then go for it.

Using a digital thermostat can be more beneficial and accurate for you. Although it is more expensive, you can make up for it by saving energy bills.

 Keeping a Solar Pool Cover During Days and a Pool Cover At Night:-

Using a solar pool cover or a solar blanket during the day while you’re out can be very effective in heating the water, retain that heat of the sun, and keep your water warm during the day. So, try to hold that heat by using your pool enclosures  at night. So when you come up in the morning, the heater won’t have to work much to set up the temperature on your pool heater.


Before installing a heating system for the pool, we must consider reducing the cost of the energy utilized for heating the pool. Also, reducing the amount of energy drainage after you have heated the pool. If the pool loses less heat, then it will remain warm for a long period. You can use retractable pool enclosure to help you maintain the heat. The pool will maintain a constant temperature after the initial heating and make swimming comfortable. The energy consumption for each degree rise in temperature will cost 10 to 30% more in energy cost depending on your location.