In-Ground vs Above Ground Swimming Pools

Are you planning to get a pool? This is an amazing choice as you get a ton of fun under the sun, with your backyard becoming a popular place to party with loved ones. But before purchasing one, you must choose between different types of pools – Namely, in-ground vs above ground swimming pools.

But which one is best for you? We talk about the different types of pools, any pool problems and solutions associated with them, and what may be best according to your needs.


About In-Ground Swimming PoolsIn-Ground vs Above Ground Swimming Pools

In-ground pools are permanently installed pools that add value to any home, especially in areas that are predominantly warm throughout the year. These types of pools can also improve the landscape’s appearance with water features to create a lovely view from your home or patio.

Think of it as the gold standard of backyard happiness! From the visual appeal to a larger size for aquatic games and exercise, this is a main attraction in many homes. Moreover, there are many ways to customize this type of pool depending on your goals, whether you want one for recreation or aquatic exercise. You can even opt to invest in water features to further improve the swimming experience!

That said, there are a few in-ground pool issues and disadvantages to note of. A common pool problem with this type of pool is its initial expense. It is far more expensive than an above ground pool. This cost does not even include the maintenance and utility bills related to the water heating. You will also need to have a swimming pool chemicals list to use for maintenance, which adds to the cost and slight hassle in cleaning and balancing pH levels.

Besides that, you might also have the added hassle and cost when it comes to in-floor pool cleaning systems troubleshooting. But if you have the extra budget and are willing to spend time and money tending to your pool, you won’t be sorry with a beautiful, customized in-ground pool everyone will enjoy for years to come.


About Above-Ground Swimming Pools

If you are on a slightly tighter budget, have limited space, or want a pool right away, then you may benefit more from an above-ground pool. The main advantage of this pool is that they only take a few days to install as they come in a kit form and will be built by a team of installers. At times, you can do it yourself.

You still have a few customization opportunities with an above-ground pool. Many higher-end pools also have decking and railing options for a better experience, as well as options for shapes and sizes. Regardless of the price range, these pools are a favorite among kids and also include built-in fencing and locking gate options for safety.

Above-ground pools are also a generally great idea if you want a temporary addition to your backyard without having to spend a lot on installation or digging up your yard. While they may detract from your yard’s overall aesthetic, they are easier to remove from your property than in-ground pools.

That said, these pools also have their own issues and disadvantages. For instance, some people may not find this type of pool aesthetically pleasing and it won’t add much value to your house. Moreover, they still have similar troubleshooting pool problems you would experience with an in-ground pool, such as water evaporation, an above-ground pool turning green from chemical imbalances, and so on.

Also, since these pools aren’t as large or deep as customized in-ground pools, they are not suitable or safe for diving, if this is a sport you plan on doing in your pool. 

In-Ground vs Above Ground Swimming Pools

In-Ground vs Above Ground Swimming Pools

So, what are the major factors to consider when it comes to comparing in-ground vs above ground swimming pools? Here are what you should look into to influence your decision:

  • Cost – Overall, in-ground pool prices greatly vary but are generally pricier than above-ground pools. Even in-ground pools at a lower price range will give you a high-quality above-ground pool at the same price. You will also have to think of other factors that drive up the cost, such as the installation and upkeep.
  • Installation – In general, above-ground pools are much quicker and easier to install than in-ground pools. However, this will depend on the type of above-ground pool you get and if you plan to hire an installer or do it yourself.
  • Safety – Above-ground pools now have built-in safety features that in-ground pools don’t. However, you can add safety features like pool covers to your in-ground pool to protect kids and pets, though this will likely drive up the cost.
  • Customization – Above-ground pools come in various yet limited models. Even if you can choose among different styles, shapes, and sizes, it doesn’t compare to the customization options of an in-ground pool. You can design it however you wish and include other cool water features, including attached spas, water fountains, tanning ledges, or diving boards!
  • Appearance – To most of us, in-ground pools may seem more attractive than above-ground pools because of their seamless appearance. That doesn’t mean above-ground pools won’t look nice! You can get creative with an attached deck or adequate landscaping, which will continue to impress guests.

Wrapping It Up

In-Ground vs Above Ground Swimming Pools

With all this in mind, should you get an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool? Both do come across pool problems, but they each have advantages that make them worth the investment. As long as you are aware of the common pool problems and solutions, you can enjoy whatever pool you get with your loved ones.

Hopefully, this article on in-ground vs above ground swimming pools helped you out! Take the next steps toward getting your dream pool today. If you already have a pool, don’t forget to continue caring for it to avoid the hassle of costly repairs or cleaning. Contact us now and avail high-quality pool covers to protect your pool.